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Fall Team Interest Form

This form is for teams who wish to apply the Midwest Suburban League Fall League. The Fall League is a informal league that our managers use to tryout new players. Any team can join, even if not from the MSL. Any new team playing in the Fall League will have first rights to any openings in the upcoming season. Games are 7 innings with one umpire. Umpires are paid at the field, splitting the cost. Baseballs and Insurance are included. We use Only the Wheeling all Turf Complex at 333 w. Dundee Wheeling IL. Most games are on weekends, with some during the week at night. First 13 teams with $200 deposit are guaranteed. $1000/team, umpires paid at field, $35 each team. start the right after Labor Day thru Oct. 15th. Space is limited.  You will be contacted within 48 hours of your submission.  For more information on our League, visit the League Info section of our website.

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